Sometimes Even Best Homes Don’t Sell.

You had your home listed and didn’t sell. What went wrong?

1. Price

The first factor that can contribute to an expired listing is price. It is understandable that we all become attached to our homes. It is easy to believe emotionally that our home is best and worth way more than our neighbors home. Sometimes sellers and agents are testing to see how much they can sell for. But the wrong price will keep your home off of the sold list and eventually it will end up on the expired list.

2. Condition
Your dream home is not someone else’s dream home. Sometimes prospective buyers can’t visualize their possessions in your house or living there. You need to de-personalize your home before showings begin. We understand how buyers see your property, and have the skills to help you prepare your property to sell.

Don’t get discouraged! Don’t worry about the failure of first effort. You owe it to yourself to try.

Even if you’re NOT ready to sell house, we’ll be happy to meet you. There is never a charge for our consultation regarding the current market, the comparative studies to find the prices that other similar homes in your neighborhood have been selling for, or how we might best market your home to obtain the very best price from a potential buyer.

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