Real Estate Investment Retirement Program

This is a real estate investment program using the funds from a self-directed IRA or self-directed 401K accounts of an individual to invest in income producing properties in Southern California for a define time period as selected by the investor, wherein the individual will obtain tax deferred capital appreciation on the investment properties and a portion of the cash flow after expenses.

Through this investment program, an investor, at his election, is able to obtain growth of his invested capital (asset growth) on a tax deferred basis over a period of years – possibly up to 30 years. The objective of this program is long term capital growth for retirement.

The investment program will be offered by the Sponsors, who will select a series of qualified real estate income producing projects for the investor’s consideration. Each project will have an investment time period between 5 to 7 years to maximize the growth of profits (by timing the sale of the project as determine by favorable market conditions). At the end of each investment period, the investor may elect to have his initial invested capital and the tax deferred profits reinvested in subsequent income producing project(s) offered by the Sponsors, or have the investor’s net proceeds disbursed to the investor. The Investor’s investment period at his sole election, could be limited to 5 years or as long as 30 years.

Each project will be financially structured to maximize the investor’s long term capital growth for retirement. The investors shall receive a guaranteed annual cash flow rental income from rental income (tenant leases after expenses and reserves). To create capital growth and to minimize risk, each project will be leveraged by project debt financing not to exceed 55% of the project’s purchase price.

The Real Estate Investment Retirement Program will be professionally managed by the Sponsors who have over 30 years of local San Diego experience in real estate investment, asset management and brokerage.

Program Advantages:

  1. The Investment Retirement Program is specifically structured to obtain maximum growth of invested capital, on a tax deferred basis, over a period of years, or a time period as selected by the individual investor, (Dedicated Retirement Program)
  2. All investor capital will be invested in selected income producing real property (projects) that will have the capability of raising the rents annually, thus creating profits each year to minimize the effects of inflation on the initial investor investment (Asset Preservation).
  3. Ownership of leased income property can provide an investor with increased income as rents tend to rise in inflationary periods (Inflation Hedge).
  4. Investment in income producing real estate properties generally creates higher yields or returns than many other competing investments (Higher Yields).
  5. All investment properties acquired for the Investment Retirement Program will be located in the greater San Diego area (Local Real Estate).
  6. The project investment will be professionally managed by the Sponsors and its local based, San Diego affiliated operating companies (Local Management).
  7. The investor will receive guaranteed annual distribution of income from tenant leases after expenses and reserves, (Investor Guaranteed Income).
  8. Investors will have the right to invest in the series of real estate investment projects offered by Sponsors, or opt out at the end of any investment term. The Investor’s investment term could be limited to 5 years or as long as 30 years (Investor Discretion of Investment Term).
  9. Investors will have an annual right of redemption of their initial invested capital by offering their share interest in the project to the other project investors. The redemption value will be determined solely by negotiation between the investors. The Program will also have a repurchase program in the event the investor’s funds are needed for an emergence or for unplanned event. (Investor Right of Redemption).
  10. Now is the time to invest in income producing real property after the very steep decline in real estate value since the peak in 2006. The worst price decline is over and attractive purchase prices can be obtained (Recovery of Real Estate).
  11.  Investments will be acquired in the multi-family asset segment (apartments).  The demand for rentals has significantly increased as residential foreclosures have mounted; this demand has been compounded by very little new multi-family construction to meet this increased demand. Experts agree that multi-family rents are increasing and this trend is anticipated to accelerate in the future. (Multi-Family Preferred Asset Investment).

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